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The experienced team at USA Debt Settlement is committed to getting our clients the best debt settlement results possible. We understand that each client’s situation is unique and create customized solutions to fit the circumstances of each individual.  When you partner with USA Debt Settlement you’ll have the confidence of knowing that the team is working on your behalf to tailor a debt settlement result that not only fits in to your life but starts you on the path to financial freedom. Industry leading USA Debt Settlement is accredited by The Association of Settlement Companies (TASC). Our expertise, friendly service, and proven debt settlement skills yield great results and a positive client experience. Call us at (800) 466-1234 or start with our on-line application. Either way, you will have taken the first step toward your financial freedom.  


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The debt settlement experts at USA debt settlement.org have years of experience helping average people overcome their problems with debt.  Debt settlement is a way to create a plan to pay off your debt while negotiating with the lenders you owe money to.  Lenders may include credit card companies, banks, collections agencies, utility companies and more.  We can help you with your debt problems, including:

•    Credit Card Debt
•    Medical/Hospital Bills
•    Department Store Credit Cards
•    Oil/Gas Credit Cards
•    Personal Loans (unsecured)
•    Overdue Rent
•    Autos (Repos)s
•    Local Merchants
•    Past Due Utility Bills
•    And more!

How USA debt settlement.org Can Help

We are your advocate, helping you, informing and guiding you through the debt settlement process.  With our assistance, you can:

•    Reduce your unsecured debt
•    Have an advocate deal with your creditors
•    Arrange one affordable monthly payment
•    Complete the program in 12-26 months

With our help, countless people have gotten completely free from their unsecured debt and managed to change the way they live their lives.  No longer fearful of collection agency phone calls or terrified of bills piling up, people are able to enjoy a high credit rating and financial freedom.

USA Debt Settlement Resource Center

We don’t just guide you through the process; we supply accurate, in-depth information so that you understand what it is you’re doing and the benefits.  Articles, blogs, news stories and information sources are all available at USAdebtsettlement.org.  We are your partner throughout the program, and we invest our time, knowledge, experience and resources into you so that you can become a debt free individual.

The debt settlement experts at USAdebtsettlement.org have worked with countless people all across the country, walking them through our comprehensive debt settlement plan.
You can take advantage of the information, knowledge and debt settlement professionals at USAdebtsettlement.org by simply calling filling out our contact form today!