Debt settlement: Know its workings before opting for it

Debt settlement essentially happens to be a process wherein you’d be required to work with your creditors such that you pay only a certain percentage of the total debt that you owe. This percentage that’s ultimately decided upon happens to be the final settlement amount. Now, generally the debt settlement offers can vary depending upon the company it is plus how badly the company wants it to be paid. However, it has been seen that debt settlement is a plausible option in most cases. Hence, it helps relieve some of the debt load from you or any consumer for that matter.

Certain crucial factors you should be aware of

Yes, debt settlement is definitely the best way to take care of your exorbitant debt amount, especially when there’s no other way available. However, at the same point of time you should acquaint yourself with certain factors that’d help you go about debt settlement smoothly enough. Read on to find out more.


  1. Take a close look at the numbers: The essential idea behind debt settlement remains how much you’d be able to negotiate off your debt. Now, the standard percentage for settling a debt remains 40 percent to 60 percent of the original debt amount. Plus there are other factors that play a role in determining the settlement deal like how long has the debt in question been in collections, then there’s the issue of how eager the creditor actually is to be paid, and how big exactly is the risk according to the creditor when it comes to you filing bankruptcy.
  2. The working of settlement deals: You should first contact your creditor when you decide upon going for debt settlement. There are of course quite a few creditors wherein they send out settlement offers on  a periodic basis. However, there are again others who’d want you to get in touch with them for the purpose of negotiating a settlement. Now, once your creditor agrees to settlement, then you’re going to be sent a bill for the final settlement amount. Remember, this amount is to be paid in full upon billing. This would not hold only in case any other arrangement is made. Finally once you have paid off this amount, then your creditor would document this and make a note of it on your credit report.
  3. The reason why creditors settle: Most go in for debt settlement without realizing why exactly creditors go in for debt settlement. After all it seems strange to see the debt collectors settle for less than the actual amount owed to them. Actually most debt collectors do realize the fact that consumers who’re behind on their payments might eventually file for bankruptcy. Now if this happens, then the debt collector in most cases would get nothing. 
  4. The benefits and drawbacks involved: There are certain obvious benefits involved with debt settlement like you’d be paying less money for the debt you owe. Moreover, you’d then have access to more monthly funds that you can put towards your bills. Again, there are quite a few drawbacks involved in this as well. First, you should be prepared to deliver the full settlement amount soon after the deal has been made. Hence, if you haven’t got  ready money at your disposal, then debt settlement might just not be a good enough option.


Keep in mind the above facts and only then opt for debt settlement.

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