How it works

A successful debt settlement is the result of negotiations that take place between a debt settlement company, acting on behalf of their client, and the creditors of that client. Debts that can be negotiated are credit cards, medical bills, department store cards, signature loans, unsecured lines of credit, and revolving debt. Mortgage, auto, and student loans are not eligible for debt settlement.


A debt settlement begins with the determination of the client’s eligibility to participate. The major factor in this determination is hardship for the client. The client then signs an agreement with the debt settlement company that will conduct the negotiation with the creditors and provides statements from the creditors to be included in the settlement.


From that point forward the client makes a single monthly payment to either a trust or escrow account set up by the debt settlement company. As funds accumulate in the account, the debt settlement company will initiate negotiations with the various creditors. These negotiations typically reduce the sum of outstanding debt by 40 to 60%. Depending on how much the client can comfortably pay each month, the time it takes to pay the reduced debt in full can take 18 to 48 months.


A good debt settlement company will make the process seem quite simple, and from the client’s viewpoint it should be that way. The most important thing for the client to do is to commit to the process and see it through to its completion. What is the reward? Freedom from debt, as simple as that.   


The debt settlement experts at USA debt have years of experience helping average people overcome their problems with debt.  Debt settlement is a way to create a plan to pay off your debt while negotiating with the lenders you owe money to.  Lenders may include credit card companies, banks, collections agencies, utility companies and more.  We can help you with your debt problems, including:

•    Credit Card Debt
•    Medical/Hospital Bills
•    Department Store Credit Cards
•    Oil/Gas Credit Cards
•    Personal Loans (unsecured)
•    Overdue Rent
•    Autos (Repos)s
•    Local Merchants
•    Past Due Utility Bills
•    And more!

How USA debt Can Help

We are your advocate, helping you, informing and guiding you through the debt settlement process.  With our assistance, you can:

•    Reduce your unsecured debt
•    Have an advocate deal with your creditors
•    Arrange one affordable monthly payment
•    Complete the program in 12-26 months

With our help, countless people have gotten completely free from their unsecured debt and managed to change the way they live their lives.  No longer fearful of collection agency phone calls or terrified of bills piling up, people are able to enjoy a high credit rating and financial freedom.

USA Debt Settlement Resource Center

We don’t just guide you through the process; we supply accurate, in-depth information so that you understand what it is you’re doing and the benefits.  Articles, blogs, news stories and information sources are all available at  We are your partner throughout the program, and we invest our time, knowledge, experience and resources into you so that you can become a debt free individual.

The debt settlement experts at have worked with countless people all across the country, walking them through our comprehensive debt settlement plan.
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