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Title Mortgage Planner (Home Buying Decision Making Tool)
Version 1.1
License GPL
Requirements Microsoft Excel 2000-2010
File Size 71 KB
Downloads: 4,233
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Mortgage Planner Tool - Screenshots and Features. You can mouse-over the pictures to see a bigger-sized image.

Screenshot of Mortgage Planner - Rent and Buy Comparision Rent and Buy Comparision

Insert your monthly rent and money saved on different sources to get the financial analysis.

Get the Renting Vs. Buying a home analysis after giving some minimum amount of input.
Screenshot of Mortgage Planner - How much can i borrow How much can i borrow?

Input the monthly income and other monthly debts.

Know the estimated loan amount along with the monthly payment that you can afford.
Screenshot of Mortgage Planner - Money need to save to make downpayment How much i have to save to make the down payment?

Input the estimated loan amount that you are looking to borrow.

Find out to borrow the estimated loan how much money you need to save for making downpayment.
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