Obama's Credit Card Debt Plan

You may not be aware of this, but credit card companies are radically altering how they charge interest rates, late fees, overdue fees and more.  You may already be drowning in credit card debt, not at all aware of how much more debt you may find yourself in.

Credit cards are making the following changes, all of which are adding to credit card debt (as well as the need for credit card debt settlement services):

•    Cutting card holders’ credit limits, even below their balance – credit card companies have been cutting borrowers’ credit limits in an effort to contain their rising default rates, and in some case to limits below the borrowers’ outstanding balances.

•    Raising interest rates, even for the best customers – imagine spending years paying off all of your debts on time, making sure your creditors are happy, only to have your interest rates raised to twice or even three times what they have been?  This is happening to people all over the country.  A recent survey found that 93% of credit cards offered by the largest 12 issuers have contract terms that allow them to hike rates at any time for any reason.

•    Penalty APRs as high as 32% - Your APR (or annual percentage rate) could get above 30% even for the most responsible credit card user.  Payments one day late or even $1 short could be followed by such penalties.

•    Banks are making consumers pay down low-rate balances before high-rate debt – issuers are applying consumer payments to low-rate balances where their high-rate balances keep growing.  Banks are making sure your debt continues to grow, something that a qualified debt settlement professional can help you with.

•    Shutting Down People’s Accounts – What used to be a card that could be used for purchases now becomes a debt you owe.

•    Shrinking grace periods – Usually a grace period will be anywhere from a week to a month, but they have been shrinking from 25 days to 22.5 days since 2008 (that’s on average, sometimes they are less than that).

Consolidate Credit Card Debt

You may not know this, but you have numerous weapons at your disposal to fight mounting credit card debts.  You can consolidate your credit cards and begin paying off the crippling debts that are keeping you from enjoying your life and experiencing financial freedom.  Credit card debt consolidation involves hiring a qualified and experienced credit card debt consolidation company to help you pay down, reduce and possibly even eliminate your credit card debts.

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The debt settlement experts at USA debt settlement.org have years of experience helping average people overcome their problems with debt.  Debt settlement is a way to create a plan to pay off your debt while negotiating with the lenders you owe money to.  Lenders may include credit card companies, banks, collections agencies, utility companies and more.  We can help you with your debt problems, including:

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How USA debt settlement.org Can Help

We are your advocate, helping you, informing and guiding you through the debt settlement process.  With our assistance, you can:

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With our help, countless people have gotten completely free from their unsecured debt and managed to change the way they live their lives.  No longer fearful of collection agency phone calls or terrified of bills piling up, people are able to enjoy a high credit rating and financial freedom.

USA Debt Settlement Resource Center

We don’t just guide you through the process; we supply accurate, in-depth information so that you understand what it is you’re doing and the benefits.  Articles, blogs, news stories and information sources are all available at USAdebtsettlement.org.  We are your partner throughout the program, and we invest our time, knowledge, experience and resources into you so that you can become a debt free individual.

The debt settlement experts at USAdebtsettlement.org have worked with countless people all across the country, walking them through our comprehensive debt settlement plan.
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